The story began in 2012 when two hunters and nature enthusiasts Peter and Tony met at a joint event.

The mutual interest for the other culture was immediately present. Peter learned as a child in South Africa from his grandfather how to make delicious biltong and game specialties. Tony grew up in Switzerland and was already a long-time food producer, meat enthusiast and bon vivant with his own farm in the Bernese Jura. 

The two cultures came together and a long lasting friendship started and the two began to develop authentic, high quality meat products. To this day, you can feel Tony's and Peter's personal and culinary touch in the products that have been created from pure passion since the beginning. If the recipe is a bit more rustic, Tony was probably involved and if you suddenly discover a new product in the store, it was certainly an idea of Peter. 

With us you are sure to find the ideal treat for any occasion!

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