Our Story

The story began in 2012 when Tony and Peter, two hunters and nature enthusiasts, met at a joint event. Their mutual interest in each other's culture was clear and authentic. Peter learned how to make biltong and venison specialities from his grandfather as a child in South Africa. Tony grew up in Switzerland and was already a long-time food producer, meat enthusiast and enjoyer of fine foods, with his own farm in the Bernese Jura. 

Through this long-standing friendship, two cultures came together. The result is the development of authentic, high-quality meat products for your enjoyment. 

Today, you can experience Peter and Tony’s personal culinary touch in our products. We produce with passion and do our best to offer you the best. If the recipe is a little more rustic, Tony was probably involved, and if you suddenly discover a new product on the shop floor, it was probably Peter's idea. 

Among our products, you're sure to find the ideal energy-giving delicacy for every meaty occasion.


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